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I think the world needs the wisdom of Pastor Paul Grabill, now more than ever, so I have transcribed these sermons from recordings of Sunday worship services held at State College Assembly of God in State College, Pennsylvania. This was the last sermon series he preached, prior to succumbing to cancer. At first I thought I would compile a book of his sermons, but there really is no point in me rewording that which he has already spoken so eloquently. It was suggested that I create a web page of his sermons from which one could download and listen, but Pastor never wanted his voice to be available in that manner. So this is the next best way.

To assist you in reading, I offer these comments. First, please remember that he is speaking, and we often do not speak as formally as we write. Perhaps you should read the pages aloud to get the full impact. Second, for the most part, I have transcribed, word for word, what he said, including a few (very few) grammatical errors and his quirky “You with me?” There were times where he repeated something and I did not include the repetition, but other times I did, for the emphasis that he intended. If he started a sentence, but restated or changed his mind, I did not include those fragments, unless they were significant. Words in capitals indicate his voice raised, and you know what exclamation points are for. I also showed the times where he laughed or chuckled. Humor was an important tool for him, and all “asides” are also included. Some of his best moments are there. And I have adopted Francis Chan’s, and others, habit of referring to satan in lowercase.

When he quoted scripture, he usually used the New International Version of the Bible. But there were times he used the King James Version, and if he did not say so, I have indicated that by KJV. This part was tricky, because, as with most pastors, he would read a portion and then offer a word of explanation, and then return to reading. I tried to be as clear as I could about when he was quoting scripture and when he was explaining by putting the exact scripture in bold italics.

Please know that Pastor was speaking to a specific church (State College Assembly of God serves State College, PA near Penn State University) at a specific time (dates are indicated), and he was in tune with the town and the times. But I believe the words he spoke are applicable in any place and time. He used many references to current events, as well as examples from across history and culture. He was a very learned man, and he drew from his vast knowledge base to teach God’s people. Therefore, I felt the need to occasionally offer some words of clarification. I included it within the text, rather than using footnotes, which are sometimes ignored. Anything inside brackets is mine, and for those words I take responsibility. All capitalizations and punctuations are mine too.

I met with Pastor Grabill many times over the seven years I attended State College Assembly of God, but I do not consider myself an authority on Pastor Grabill’s wisdom. I am simply responding to God calling me to get his words out there. I pray you read, learn, enjoy and apply. Time is short and the harvest is ready.

Kim Lenaway

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